Increase Revenue With Your
Commercial Kitchen

Pair Your Kitchen with Our Virtual Restaurant Concepts. It's a Winning Recipe.

Earn more by using the same equipment and staff that you already have to service new customers with the up-to-date tastes and flavours they crave. We manage all the menu development, training, marketing and delivery. You provide the kitchen and the cooking. 

How it Works

Describe Your Kitchen

We use powerful market data to choose the best virtual food concepts for your kitchen.

Start Cooking

Get the recipes, training, & delivery management technology you need to succeed.

Earn More

Collect a share of revenue every day for every order that you fill.

Cook for Virtual Restaurants and Make Real Returns

Cater to Real Demand

Onnero’s proprietary technology, market intelligence and analyses identify which food concepts work best in your neighbourhood.

The Power of Scale

From marketing to sourcing to delivery, our turnkey solutions tap into a scale that drives costs lower and revenue higher. 


Add more restaurant concepts to your kitchen as you’re ready to grow. Drive your business to even greater heights.

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