Increase Returns & Property Value

Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Property

Realise new revenue streams for your real estate while bring in new jobs, goods and services. Make your real estate the new heart of your neighbourhood.

How it Works

Enroll Your Property

Join our proximity network. We’ll identify high-grossing, best-fit uses for your space that increase returns and improve cash flow.

License Your Space to Us

We’ll activate modular applications that support the on-demand economy in your neighbourhood.

Earn Passive Income

Collect license fees for each application on your property. All set-up and management is handled by Onnero.

A Real Estate Strategy With Real Returns

Diversify Your Income

Collect license fees from every application on your property. Typically, there are 10+ applications on each property which drives much greater returns and improved cashflow compared to traditional leasing.

Tap the New Economy

The on-demand and ecommerce economies are experiencing strong, rapid and sustained growth which shows no signs of slowing. In fact, according to the recent Future of Retail Report, platforms like Onnero are poised to replace most traditional retail and hospitality businesses within the next 2-3 years.

Build Property Value

Simply put, the higher the returns, the more valuable your property becomes. Onnero’s flexible licensing enables property owners to add real value to both their property and the local neighbourhood.

2X, 3X, even 4X Your Returns Compared to Leasing


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Warehouse Space

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Food Production Space

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Office Space

Office Warehouse 2

Office Warehouse

Revitalise all types of properties with applications that enhance neighbourhoods and contribute to the value of your property.

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