We Help Businesses Source Better

Join us and help source products both locally and globally, direct from the manufacturer. 

How it Works

Join Our Network of Sourcing Specialists

Use your category management, procurement skills and industry knowledge to help source the best products that meet our strict standards for quality, convenience and value.

Source the Most Suitable Manufacturers

Evaluate and verify the capabilities, reliability and quality of each manufacturer in your category, negotiate pricing & liaise with our marketing and fulfilment teams to ensure their success on our platform.

Reap the Financial Rewards

Our sourcing experts & category managers often earn multiples of the wages they would receive as an employee in traditional retail or wholesale businesses.

Ways to Work With Us

Business Sourcing

Work with brands to assist with Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Packaging, IP Protection, Logistics, Distribution & Fulfilment, Payment Solutions. Earn ongoing revenue from each brand you represent.

Direct-to-Consumer Category Partner

Work with some of the most innovative and exciting manufacturers to identify the most promising markets for their products. Then, in conjunction with our fulfilment & marketing teams and country managers develop a go-to-market plan and map out the logistics of getting their goods to our distribution hubs. Our proprietary technology and local Operations Teams take care of everything else such as sales, payment, local taxes, shipping and local delivery fulfilment. Earn ongoing fees for every manufacturer in your category.

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