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As an manufacturer, you’re getting more than a storefront in a global marketplace. You’re getting an end-to-end sales, marketing & logistics platform calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide great service and support to your buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions by Manufacturers


Who can sell on Onnero?

Onnero is a site for manufacturers and brands to sell direct to consumers and business buyers. If you are not a manufacturer or brand you can't sell on our platform.

Why can only manufacturers sell on Onnero?

The old fashioned business models that include manufacturers selling via importers, distributors, wholesalers, agents and retailers are dead or dying. Whether you care to admit it or not.

Why should we sell on Onnero?

With the old fashioned business models dead (or dying). Modern manufacturers realise that doing the hard yards trying to get your product stocked by retailers and then waiting weeks or months hoping to get paid and then hoping you are not delisted just doesn't work any more. Modern supply chains are highly efficient and fast. Manufacturers can now directly and easily tap into these ecommerce supply chains at very low cost and almost zero risk with very little or even no investment and actually reach more customers, sell more stuff, make higher profit margins, greatly improve cash flow and grow their business faster. So why wouldn't you sell on Onnero?

What tools does Onnero provide to help us sell more stuff? is built on our tried and proven sales engagement software and our 24 million+ database of buyers. Onnero has many different options available to help you sell more stuff. One of the most valuable is our pay only on success Done4U marketing service. Onnero's Category managers and Customer Support Team can also assist you with developing your marketing plan and Done4U marketing set-up and onboarding.

How much will we sell on Onnero?

This will vary from seller to seller. We can tell you though, that if we accept you on our platform, that the average monthly sales per seller for each Onnero service centre, is nearly $10,000. So with 178 service centres in operation or planned, that's quite a boost to our sellers businesses. And remember, sales are paid at the time of order, not in 30, 60 or 90 days. Just imagine what this will do for your cash flow and your business.


How do I price my products on Onnero?

First do some research on our site to see what prices others are selling their products at. Talk to our Category Managers to discover some deeper insights that will help you set your pricing. Consider the costs of delivery and whether OnneroDirect is beneficial to your circumstances.

Should I use my RRP?

The simple answer is usually No! One of the major benefits to both manufacturers and customers on Onnero is that customers can buy direct from the manufacturer at greatly reduced prices. In return the manufacturer gets a higher margin than they would selling to a wholesaler or retailer and is paid at the point of sale instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment. You'll also find as all the other manufacturers on our site advertise their products at a very competitive price, using your RRP may greatly reduce your ability to make sales on Onnero. Like we said above...Retail is DEAD!

Should I charge for delivery?

There are a few options here. The best option is OnneroDirect, which allows customers to source your products from their nearest Onnero Service Centre. Manufacturers just ship in bulk to Onnero and we take care of the local deliveries. Before setting your prices, talk to your Category Manager to discuss the best option for you before listing your products for sale.


What is OnneroDirect?

OnneroDirect is our in-house delivery service that enables manufacturers to deliver products to customers free of charge without breaking the bank. Currently OnneroDirect is available to approx 75% of the Australian population and we have plans to increase this to over 90%.

What products can I deliver using OnneroDirect?

Almost anything. Even dry, packaged, chilled and frozen food can be delivered using OnneroDirect. Chat with your Onnero Category Manager to learn more about how you can best utilise OnneroDirect to benefit your business and your customers.

Can I use my own delivery service?

Of course you can. You can deliver your items by any means you see fit. Our website enables you to upload your delivery rates into your store and they'll be displayed at checkout so your customers know what they are being charged for. Currently we support 7 major delivery platforms already built into our website or you can add your own. It's that simple.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Thanks to our global logistics & supply chain network, Onnero has established relationships with various leading shipping companies enabling manufacturers to send freight to & from almost anywhere in the world. Depending on your delivery time requirements we can design a freight solution that best saves you time and money. Check out our shipping and logistics solutions at

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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